Feminized Seeds

Making Feminized Seeds at home can be easy.   If your looking to save some money or your favorite strain choose a quality Feminized Seed Spray like Lady Pollen.  Lady Pollen offers an extensive line of products for all your gardening needs.  From fertilizers and conditioners.  To feminizing spray and powders.  Whether your a beginner or a master seed maker.  They have the products that will guarantee you success in creating you own feminized pollen and medicinal seeds.  Save your favorite flavors to enjoy for years to come or make new strains that suit your ideal preferences.  Don’t waste your Space, Time and Money trying with the other guys.  Get it right the first time and every time with Lady Pollen products.  Discover the secrets that others have been using for decades to create their very own perfected feminized seeds.  Stop paying the high prices that seed banks are asking.  Start making as many as you want from as little as one branch.  Let Lady Pollen help you grow nuts.  Through years of perfecting the formulas and rigorous testing.  Lady Pollen is able to offer you the very best when it comes feminizing spray and making feminized pollen and seedsThis lady will make you grow nuts!! Seed banks all over the world do not want you to know about our revolutionary feminizing spray.  Lady Pollen’s products are specially formulated to rapidly accelerate the seeding and pollenating processes.  This minimizes the time needed to create your own feminized seeds.  Their products work by stopping the ethylene production of a female plant.  This affects only the nodes you decide to treat.  Thus creating male pollen sacs that only contain 100% female pollen.  Which can be used to self pollinate the same plant, a cutting or a completely different strain.  Using only 100% female pollen every time.

Lady Pollen feminizing spray create female seeds

When Using Lady Pollen feminizing spray.

Move the female plant you wish to treat to another location.  Make sure you don’t leave it in your flowering room.  Unless you want to seed the rest of your flowering medicinal garden. Pick an area on your female plant that you wish to treat with Lady Pollen Feminizing Spray.  Start treating the female plant day before it starts to flower.  Use the feminizing spray only on the nodes you are trying create pollen with.  Avoid hitting any other part of the untreated plant with feminizing spray.  Soak chosen nodes with feminizing spray once per day for 10 – 21 days.  Spray until you can see the pollen sacs growing.  Different Strains may take longer.  If more pollen is desired.  Continue spraying feminizing spray for seeds until desired amount of pollen sacs are created.  When pollen sacs are open and brown. Almost ready to fall on their own.  Start collecting pollen to pollinate the rest of the flowering female or a different flowering female.  If your wanting to pollinate a different female plant for seeds.  Then delay the flowering of the 2nd plant 6 weeks after you have started feminizing spray process.  This ensure you receive viable pollen in time to pollinate the second female plant for seeds.  This process creates feminized seeds every time with no hermaphrodite traits.

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