How To Store Weed Seeds

How To Store Weed Seeds

The Best Ways to Store marijuana Seeds

A question we are often asked is what is the best method to store cannabis seeds and how long do the seeds remain viable in storage.

The answer is  With the proper storage methods, you can greatly increase the lifespan of your cannabis seeds. With storing cannabis seeds propely you can acheive up to 10 years or more in some cases. Buying seeds can be alot of money and making seeds can add up to alot of time and money. If you make your own regular seeds that could save you alot of money and can be the least amount of work. If you choose to use a feminizing spray like Lady Pollen to make your own feminized Seeds, Then you want to make sure that you start with a premium strain. If you’re collecting premium genetics for medicinal use, a gift, collection of souveniers or future that includes lawful germination.

Proper storage can be the difference between amazing success or major disappointment. Unfortunately every marijuana seed has a life span that will eventually come to an end. The “Jury” is still out on which storage method is the best. Everyone has their own opinion on the best way to store weed seeds. We say that it depends on many things for which method is the best for your cannabis seeds.

Here are a few general methods that can help you choose the proper method for your situation and seeds. At a bare minimum, you should always store weed seeds in a cool, dry and dark place.

Before storing your seeds for any amount of time you must ensure that they are Properly Packaged.

If you received the seeds from a breeder and they packed your cannabis seeds inside of a vacuum sealed container, with moisture controls. Then you should leave the packaging intact for any long term storage. If you created your own marijuana seeds and don’t have any breeder containers. Then place your cannabis seeds in a sealed container. A film canister or a plastic zip-lok bag work great. To prolong the life of your marijuana seeds you may want to add some rice or silica gel to your container. Baking or using heat on the rice or other desiccants before storage can help remove any moisture trapped inside and prolong the life of it’s effectiveness. You could also go the extra mile and use a vacuum sealer before storing your precious lady seeds.

There are mainly 3 options for storing cannabis seeds. You can choose from the freezer, fridge or room temperature. Depending on your situation and your seeds you can determine which option is best for you.

Storing Weed Seeds in the Freezer

Some breeders reccommend storing weed seeds in the freezer as the only long term option for uninterupted storage. This mimics the stratification process of winter in the colder climates, regulates temperature and can minimize the amount the lady seeds get handled. Some breeders say that each time the seeds go thru a freeze/ Thaw cycle that a few seeds become unviable others say a refreeze will destroy them all.  Some also say that viability drastically drops after marijuana seeds have been in the freezer for more than 6 months. Your chances for success with this method may depend on the strain and if it can handle a cold winter. It can also depend on the freezer temperature and good vacuum sealing to eliminate moisture and air from getting in and freezer burning the seeds. Some believe freezing a seed to fast may explode the cells inside of the seeds rendering all the damaged seeds useless.

Storing Weed Seeds in the Fridge

The fridge can be an option for storing weed seeds. A fridge can help to maintain a steady temperature if a proper location is chosen out of the way from condensation that can build up every time the door is opened. This moisture created can possibly create a situation for mould. Frost-free models can help reduce the humidity inside the refrigerator, but some say this can also dry out the seed if not vacuum sealed properly.

If you decide to use the refrigerator choose an airtight container that prevents light infiltration and place it near the back where there are less temperature fluctuations which means less condensation. A vacuum sealed container should not condense moisture on the inside when sealed properly. Seeds stored in the fridge can remain viable for a few years. Many have reported success after over 5-10 years storage, Although the germination rates of the seeds will drop with time and eventually none of them will germinate.

Storing Weed Seeds at Room Temperature

Storing your weed seeds at room temperature can be is a great option for lengths of a few years or less, Storing cannabis seeds placed in an airtight container with a rice or another dessicant is satisfactory. Place your seeds in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or basement. Seeds stored properly at room temperature should remain viable for quite a few years. After a few years germination rates of the seeds will drop with time and eventually none of them will germinate. Many have reported success well over 3-5 years with room temperature storage of their cannabis seeds.

If You have stored your seeds properly, you can expect the majority of them to be viable for about approxiamately 4 or more years. After time the germination rates drop. However, there are countless cases of people who have successfully planted cannabis seeds that were 10+ years old. Seeds are living things and must be kept dry and treated with care to maitain the viability. We can provide the amazing genetics but the rest is up to you. does not codone, encourage or promote any illegal activity including but not limited to the germination and cultivation of marijuana seeds. This information is for educational purposes only. Please read our disclaimer for details.

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